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Contact our offices today for the best professional roofing services in Limerick.


As professional Roofers, our service range from roof repairs to fully new roofs.
We have repaired roofs all over Limerick City & County and are fully insured.

Roof Repairs

Roofs are one of the most important aspects of your home. They provide insulation, drainage, light (if there are skylights), solar energy, and more.
Our roofs can get damaged over time, by general wear and tear, or severe weather conditions, eg stormy winds. It is very important to get all roof repairs done as soon as possible, so that no further damage takes place, eg water damage to electrical works.
We check your roof and provide an estimate, with a full analysis of the problem.

roof repairs

Some common roof problems can include:

Most of the time it can be very obvious when you have a leak. However, sometimes leaks can be behind walls or chimneys. This can often be noticed by damp patches, discolouring of walls etc. Be sure to call us early on to avoid any major damage.

This is generally visible and is where your roof appears to dip. This can cause water to gather or pool on your roof and eventually start to leak.

This can often be a cosmetic defect, however once these reach a certain size, they can become a problem.

Often moss and leaves can gather on a roof and begin to decay and rot. Cleaning your roof regularly can prevent the debris build up that can often lead to roof damage.

New Roofs

Choosing what type of roof can be a big decision when building a new home. It will impact how the entire house will look. It also protects your home from the ever changing weather conditions in Ireland.
Some of the options to consider are;

Tile & Slate Roofs
This is the most common type of roof you will see in Ireland. It can withstand harsh weather conditions including snow, hail, and sunshine.

Flat Roofs
As the name suggests, this is a flat roof. (almost) There can be an incline usually up to 10 degrees. They can allow for the roof to be used as an extra space, eg a rooftop garden.

new roofs

Copper Roofs
Copper is an ancient roofing material. You may recognise it from is green colour as it ages. (this is a good thing as it offers extra protection to the metal) They are strong, and highly resistant to fire, hail etc.

Lead Roofs
Again, similar to copper and zinc roofs, metal means that leaks etc are less likely. It is durable and flexible.

Roofing FAQ

What roofing services do Michael Griffin & Sons provide?

We offer all roofing repairs, including shingle replacement, leak repair and total roof replacements.

Do you offer flat roof repair?

Yes, we have years of experience with all types of flat roofs. We can offer new flat repair buildings, flat roof repair and flat roof maintenance.

If you are unsure as to what you are looking for, speak to us. We have done hundreds of roofs down through the years and can advise on what roof will best suit your needs. No job is too big or small.

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